The ducks nuts of cleansing

The ducks nuts of cleansing

Cleansing or washing your face is the foundation of any good skincare program. Without it we compromise everything that follows.

It’s not rocket science however here's a few tips to help you make the most out of your face washing time.

Look away.

As nice as a hot shower blasting on your face might feel, this is letting the team down. Too much pressure can make your skin look irritated from the broken capillaries beneath your skin. 

Try splashing instead of blasting. Your face will thank you for it.


It’s tempting to get that face wash over and done with as quickly as possible. Take a minute, it'll be worth it. Gently scrub for up to 60 seconds to get rid of all that dead skin and grime. 

This will ensure you’re getting the most from your other skincare products by giving it the best chance to penetrate the skin. Feels good too.

Keep it warm.

Like a hot shower? If you do, consider taking it down a few degrees. Hot water can damage your skin, stripping it of its beneficial natural oils. Leaving your skin looking red and irritated which none of us want. 

Keep it luke warm and all will be well in the world

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