Ball Tearing Stats about Men and Skincare

Ball Tearing Stats about Men and Skincare

1. One third of men have indicated they don’t wash their face daily. The main reason being the confusion and lack of awareness about how often they should be. Twice a day for guys with oily or normal skin types, and once a day for guys with dry skin. Ultimately it comes down to men being lazy not giving themselves the attention they deserve.

2. Nearly 2 thirds of men do not regularly use face wash and 10% have never tried it. The days of ignoring your face are over. Especially if you are washing your face with a bar of soap or body wash. They have “body” in their names for a reason fellas! Start using the right tool for the job on your face. A quality face cleanser, exfoliator and moisturiser specifically formulated for your faces skin.

3. STOP using a bar of soap to wash your face! Nearly half of men think this is acceptable. Body soaps have higher pH levels which are too harsh for your faces skin and increase the chances of skin irritation especially if you shave with a razor. Specific face cleansers are designed for your face for a reason.

4. Body wash is called body wash for reason. Similar to a bar of soap body wash is a horrific choice for use on your face. Many body washes contain ingredients which contain pore clogging properties which can have a big impact on guys with acne prone skin. Good skin care habits start early including teen boys. Fragrances contained in some body washes are also no good for your skin. According to a 2019 US study published in Frontiers in Medicine, more than half of men report experiencing some degree of skin sensitivity.

Always use a specific mens face wash, never body wash on your face. If you’ve run out or forgotten to take your face wash away with you use water instead.

5. If you think it’s acceptable to keep using your wife, girlfriends, sisters or female housemates skin care products. Take a look at yourself in the mirror and think again.

Men’s and women skin are different therefor require unique skin care products. Men produce more oil (sebum) than women. As a result using women’s skin care products may be ineffective due to mens skin being thicker and oilier unable to properly absorb women’s products. Get yourself some good quality skincare specifically designed for men and reap the benefits.

The End
Wrapping it up. It’s completely ok for men to use skin care. Don't let anyone tell you any different. There’s a good chance most of guys you know are using some form of skincare already, whether they admit it or not. Stick to quality products specifically designed for men and stay of away from body soaps/washes.

Men still have along way to go before we give our skin the attention it needs but we are on our way. Stay consistent and you’ll see the benefits.

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