International Men's Day

International Men's Day

To celebrate International Mens Day we are proud to be officially launching SkinBRO.

It’s no coincidence we are launching on this important day. An integral part of our mission is to raise awareness and promote the importance of men taking care of themselves, both mentally and physically.

International Mens Day gives everyone in the community the opportunity to:
  • Highlight social issues facing boys and men.
  • Make a difference to boys and men in the community.
  • Celebrate boys and men in all their diversity.

We acknowledge International Mens Day by:
  • Valuing positive male role models.
  • Acknowledging the contribution of boys and men to the community.
  • Highlight ways to improve male health.
  • Tackle discrimination and disadvantage.
  • Fostering positive gender relations.

Above all celebrate the men in all our lives by checking in on yourself and those around you regularly.
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