Why Men Should Use Skincare

Why Men Should Use Skincare

Let’s face it men and talking about their skin isn’t exactly the first thing we talk to our mates about.

This is serious shit! Men’s skin has been neglected for decades. 

The bar of soap or body wash just doesn’t cut it and does your face no favours. A lot of body soaps have a high pH which is great at removing dirt and grime but can remove the natural oils in your skin also. As a result your skin can try to make up for this and produce excess oil, triggering the opposite result. The additional oil (sebum) can begin to clog up your pores, potentially leaving acne in its path. Help avoid potential damage by reserving the soap for your body and replace it with a quality balanced face cleanser 1-2 times per day. SkinBRO ensures you’ll be keeping your face clean and helping your skin to maintain its moisture barrier. 

Now, once you’ve cleansed it’s time to grind away the dead skin and other bits a cleanser just can’t deal with. Use a quality face exfoliator 2-3 times per week after cleansing to ensure that more stubborn build up is down the drain where it should be. 

Without question keeping your skin moist is as important as keeping it clean. A quality moisturiser is a key tool in your kit for good facial habits. Moisturising works by trapping water in your skin, which may help reduce fine lines and wrinkles making you look and feel younger. Use SkinBRO’s moisturiser on your face immediately after cleansing, exfoliating, showering or shaving to reduce irritation and retain the H2O in your face

Once you’ve had the feeling of SkinBRO’s influence on your face you’ll wonder why you hadn’t started a regular skincare program earlier.

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