Making the most of your skincare

Making the most of your skincare

Prepare your skin.

Like the foundations of a building, preparation is key to making the most of your skincare. Dry, dead skin cells and grime build up on your skin which affects the absorption of and performance of moisturisers. It’s important to apply any moisturiser to a cleansed and/or exfoliated face to achieve optimum performance.

Keep it simple.

Let's not overcomplicate things. The more products your skin is exposed to the more chance of irritation or reaction. This is especially important for those with sensitive or acne prone skin. On top of that it shouldn’t take anymore than a few minutes a day to keep your skincare program at the top of its game.

Tone the scent down.

Keep the scented products to a minimum using only natural scents especially on your face. Excess artificial scents in your face care products may cause irritation. 

Be patient.

Let your moisturiser absorb into the skin before heading to bed or applying any sunscreen over the top before heading out in the elements for the day.

One piece of the puzzle.

Along with your skincare program keep the hydration up, stay active, eat a balanced diet, sleep well, take a breath and have fun. All pieces of the puzzle to help you get the most out of your skincare program.

Lock it up.

Keep all skincare products in a cool dark place when possible. Cleansers are fine kept in the shower but your moisturiser is best kept cool. Make sure your products are always packaged in airtight containers and opaque packaging to get the best shelf life out of them.

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